2011 Elk Bugling Season*

Urban Elk

From Elk October 15, 2011

Big Bull, not so urban

From Elk October 15, 2011

I was as close as the pics show but when they picked up their head and gave me a look I was backing up pretty fast….

From Elk October 15, 2011
From Elk October 15, 2011

This guy was into eating and eventually walked right by me…

From Elk October 15, 2011

Ladies Man…he was looking for a little action

From Elk October 15, 2011

Below are the ladies he was going after, most of them were essentially saying get the hell away from me pig…

From October 15, 2011

I am absolutely fascinated by elk this time of year. Some will walk right by you like you are not there and they are so big literally about the size of a horse. Today I stood about ten feet from a female elk (cow) and her head was above mine. Pretty damn wild. When the bull elk show off their stuff to impress the ladies it is insane. They literally run as fast as possible at each other and smash their horns and heads together and you are able to see all this right in front of you and in the wild not some zoo….awesome!

Click to hear Ladies Man bugling to impress the the women….

*Click for information about Elk Bugling

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