This weekend I went “Towing” which is paragliding behind a truck. The simplest analogy is comparing it to water skiing however you are behind a truck and being pulled into the air. When you get high enough you release yourself from the line and fly away. Today on my last flight I caught a thermal, which is lifting air that essentially lifts you higher if you are able to stay in the lifting pocket. I was able to stay in the thermal pocket and went from about 800 to 2,339 feet off the ground and traveled about nine miles, according to my buddy Svein in the chase car that picked me up. My flight time was 34 minutes and 49 seconds with a maximum lift rate of 8.4 feet per minute and a top speed of approximately 45 miles per hour. It was one of the coolest experiences ever. The only drawback to the experience was being on the Colorado plains and landing in rather populated cow pasture and not being able to avoid a very lovely cow patty.

Below is a picture of Chris one of the people I went flying with being pulled up behind the truck. You can not see the truck because all I had for pictures was my phone. The guy towing is Joe who paid quite a bit of money for a rather sophisticated paragliding tow device that he anchored to the back of his truck. Although sitting in a truck all day dragging us around Joe seemed more excited than us….so thanks Joe!

In the picture Chris is about 200 to 300 feet off the ground.

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